TRC, The Recovery Center is a not-for-profit treatment facility which provides quality, medically supervised detox services for alcoholics and drug addicts. These services are available to Oklahomans with and without insurance or other financial means.

Withdrawal symptoms from addicting substances can be uncomfortable and dangerous. The recommended stay for most patients who are admitted is 10 days. New outpatient programs are being phased in.

TRC was founded in 1981. Our treatment facility contains 48 beds for which there is steady demand. There is a need for expansion.

This past year we performed 2,400 evaluations. We admitted 1,422 patients for 10-day detox regimens. There was no space for 30 percent of those seeking admission.

We also performed 667 family evaluations requested by the courts systems here in Oklahoma.

During and after a 10-day detox program all patients are counseled and referred for continued recovery programs, which are considered a life-long necessity for sobriety.

TRC is certified by state and federal agencies for a wide range of treatments for addiction. The staff is caring, well-trained and professional and will be offering an increasing array of inpatient and outpatient treatment options.

Our challenges include needs for space, money and public support. More about these in future letters.