“Wonderful facility, friendly staff and made many friends in recovery. God is good” — Anonymous


Great Place

 “Very clean and friendly place and works extremely well” — Anonymous

Positive and Professional Staff and Counselors

The day staff including counselors and nurses had positive attitude and the way they handled situations in a professional manner lifted the spirits up, it makes a huge difference in my recovery” — Anonymous


“My stay at TRC has been outstanding. I just want to say to the staff ‘BRAVO ZULU” (If you don’t know the term, google it!!)… — Anonymous

I Got What I Needed!

“I received the care and treatment I needed to accomplish what I wanted to!”–Anonymous

Utmost Respect for the Entire Staff

“I have nothing but utmost respect for the entire staff here at TRC. Some specifically stand out in my mind as he most concerned and caring individuals I have ever met. I was in good hands every minute of the day” — Anonymous

My compliments to the cooking staff…

“My compliments to the cooking staff for their exceptional attitude and nice food. They bring an uplifting spirit to our atmosphere and in our condition and situation it really helps more than you could imagine” — Anonymous


Intake Staff: Thumbs up

 “The intake staff proficiency leaves a person free to think about things other than “what happens if she skips a page or hits the wrong button” The caring attitude helps through all those questions and the positive attitude didn’t make me ashamed of my addiction. Thumbs up…” — Anonymous

Nurses Are Ridiculously NICE

“The nurses are ridiculously NICE and are a vital part of sobriety. They make us feel wanted and give “hope” at uneasy times” – Anonymous

TRC Staff Has Been Kind, Caring And Compassionate

“On behalf of me and my family, we thank for my care. Under the best of conditions, it is difficult undergoing medical detoxification treatment of this type, but TRC staff has been kind, caring and compassionate. The whole bunch has been professional and more than helpful. I have learned how close to death I was without intervention. God’s Grace…” -Anonymous